Why not all lint removers are the same.

Why not all lint removers are the same.

Clothing can be an expensive investment, especially when it comes to those designer wool and cashmere sweaters. Buying replacement clothes every now and then due to fuzz may not be a practical option. Unfortunately, 'fuzz happens' and it's common in everyone's wardrobe. It is a product of wear and tear, washing, handling and . The weave of the fabric loosens as you use your clothes over and over again.

For those who wish to maintain the appearance of their clothes, a lint remover comes in handy. The general purpose of lint removers is to remove fuzz, lint, bobbles and pulls on the fabric of clothes. Today, there are many types of lint removers available in the market. However, they can all be broadly distinguished either as either adhesive 'sticky' or blade 'shaving' lint removers.

If you are planning to buy a lint remover, it's important to understand the differences between these two types of lint removers - not all lint removers are the same. Each has a unique design and way of removing lint from clothes.  

Lint Shaving machines.

These lint removers need either cord or battery power to drive a motor. The motor turns blades beneath a head where pills poke through and are immediately cut off.

When buying an electric lint shaver, it's important to consider the surface area of the shaving head. This makes removal of lint easier. The bigger the surface, the easier it is that you could clear the surface of the fabric.

Other things to consider include:

- length of power cord

- ergonomics of the unit

- ability to run on batteries as well as cord.


Safety is also an issue when dealing with motorized lint removers. Does it provide protection to the end user’s hand? Ensure the blades are inside a securely closed shaving head and that there are no sharp exposed metal which could cut you and damage any fabrics.

Sticky Roller Lint Removers

These are generally hand held round rolling tubes covered in a sticky surface. The stucky surface attracts any loose lint, pet hair and dust that the surface comes into contact with. They can be very effective in removing pet hair. 

Before buying a sticky lint roller, consider:

- how large the adhesive surface is

- do I have a lot of pet hair in my home and on my clothes

- can I easily replace the adhesive surface or can it be washed and re-used?

Ergonomic designs also make a huge difference. There are designs that have good handles to allow users to easily use their lint removers whenever they are removing the fuzz.

If you plan on buying a lint remover, it is a good idea to look at overall functionality and what you need one for. Careful scrutiny is important if you wish to get the best bang for your buck and ultimately get your fabrics clean from lint.

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