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Introducing... the Wonder Lint

have your favourite winter woolies broken out in bobbles?

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At House of Wonderful we create high quality products designed to protect and beautify fabrics around your home. So whether you’re looking to prolong the life of your clothes, breathe new life into tired furniture or keep bedding at its best, make our house your home for wonderful solutions.

Leave your fabrics looking fresh and new again

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Wonder Balls Super Premium Wool Dryer Balls

Experience the wonder that is drying laundry with Wonder Balls: super premium wool dryer balls that remove wrinkles and creases from your laundry to leave it feeling super soft.

Wonder Balls are scientifically proven to reduce drying time by up to 40% and prolong the life of your clothes. And because they are woven more tightly than other balls on the market, they’ll last up to 1,500 washes or about 5 years, saving you hundreds of dollars during their lifetime.

What’s more, Wonder Balls are handmade from 100% natural pure New Zealand wool, are hypoallergenic, contain no synthetic fibres and are PVC and chemical free. So they’re much better for you, your family and the environment.






I am never going back to dryer sheets again
By Ciera

So far so good! I really like them! I put the three in my medium large load and put it for about half the time. They are eco friendly and great for sensitive skin. I put a few drops of essential oils in them to get a great smell. For example I put 3 drops of lavender on my sheets :) I am never going back to dryer sheets again. These last about 5 years!!!!

Customer Review
By Amanda

I absolutely loved these! I have tried numerous other dryer sheet alternatives before, but these were by far the best option. They truly reduce dry time and static, especially for static-prone dress clothes.

Customer Review
By B. Walker

Just as described and really works!!!!! cuts drying time in half and leaves the clothes really soft!!!

So order today from our Amazon Store.

And don’t forget, every Wonder Balls product comes with adrawstring bag and 100% money back guarantee.

Wonder Lint Fabric Shaver


Have your favourite winter woolies broken out in bobbles?
Are the pulls in your lycra pants putting you off pulling them on?
Does your sofa need resurrecting from an attack of fuzz balls?

If you have clothes in the wardrobe or in storage that you don't wear because they look tired or old due to pulls, lint, bobbles or fuzz then you need the Wonder Lint fabric shaver.
For a tiny fraction of what you’d spend on a new wardrobe, bedding or furnishings, it's a stylishly sleek way to remove the bobbles, fuzz, pulls and lint from household fabrics to leave them looking fresh and new again.
Independently and unbiasedly reviewed by EZVID WIKI, the largest and most comprehensive video wiki on the planet, who rated it as the NO.1 BEST FABRIC SHAVER on Amazon.




Quality and performance. Buy this product!
By Amazon Customer

This product is worth every penny. I bought a different brand first and it ran down 2 sets of batterys the blade went dull and then it just stopped working. So i retured the product and went on the search for a new shaver. I found wonderlint. So i ordered. I LOVE this shaver. I shaved off 2 cushions on my sofa, both sides and it worked perfect and fast and the blades are still sharp. My sofa looks new again. It comes with a extra set of blades as well. So i am thrilled.I got what I paid for. Quality and performance. Yes buy its the only one on the market that works. Yes its seem more expensive but is it really when you dont have to add batterys. I say no.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Works so well, it's simply amazing. I've owned other pill/nubbie removers and found every single one worthless. So this time, I spent 3 times more than usual after reading all of the positives reviews and it was well worth it. Worth every penny. It's the size of a small travel iron and it feels sturdy. This device comes with a nice carrying/storage bag, two (2) extra replacement blades, a cleaning brush, an AC adapter and an easy instruction booklet. I tried it on my bed sheets that I was about to replace due to those nubbies that appear after much use. A few seconds and sweeps with the House of Wonderful device and bam, the sheets are like new. So I tried it on some old t-shirts - you know how you can get those nubbies on the collar as well as on the tip of the collar? A few seconds with this and bang - like new. No kidding. Then there's socks. Again, nubbies. Turn on. Seconds later. New socks (of course, it doesn't fix holes!). Works great on old ties. Curtains - yup. This has gotten fun. I'm actually LOOKING for things to use it on. So far, it hasn't failed nor has it damaged anything. An impressive device. It works so well, I'm kind of wondering if I could use it to shave my beard and grind coffee in the morning! :)

Definitely worth it!

This is incredible. I've totally rehabbed two wool sweaters now in 24 hours, and it showed no signs of bogging down or clogging or dulling. I've never owned another lint shaver so I can't compare - but this has made both of my wool sweaters look like they did the day I bought them. I'd relegated my expensive$$ but VERY warm T by Alexander Wang wool sweater to freezing cold morning get-the-kids-to-the-bus wear only because it looked like multiple cats had been murdered on it, and now it will see the light of day again! See before and after pics, left side done, right side untouched - miraculous!! I almost want to buy a backup of this. Two thumbs way up!


And don’t forget, every Wonder Lint product comes with free spare stainless steel blades, a free plush drawstring bag and a free cleaning brush for easy bobble removal.


 So order today from our Amazon Store.


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